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Connor Boyd

Posted on June 14, 2022

Hello again, folks!

Now that Episode 4 with Nick Colletti has been out for a little over a week -- what did you think?

If you haven't check it out yet you can click here.


Posted on June 14, 2022

Each episode improves the conversation. Having Nick on was a wonderful thing, seeing his unique insight and how that informs and aligns with the perspectives already understood by the other 3 was quite the thing to hear.

At one point in the episode, Z mentioned how in trying to learn more about the truth behind these colonial, oppressive systems he had to move past just reading wikipedia articles and actually had to research, put time in, and see actual knowledge from the source. I am a person still stuck on having 50 wikipedia articles open. Could Z, or any of the other guys, provide some literature or resources to help those of us still stuck on the rudimentary level of this kind of understanding of things?

Also when you fellas talk about the world of comedy, and entertainment in general, it's always hitting the nail on the head. I'm a fledgling creative who's just entered that world and even just now it's the weight of 1,000 trucks. Never stop the conversation, I'll always be down to listen.

Connor Boyd

Posted on June 24, 2022


Thanks so much for your feedback. I would recommend looking into the writings of Murray Bookchin, David Graeber, Lorenzo Kom'boa Ervin, Abdullah Öcalan, and Modibo Kadalie. 

Much love,
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