Open Collective
Open Collective
Our First Program For 2023 Is Here!!!
Published on March 30, 2023 by NiiLee

Hey hey hey Collective Family!! Please join the JeSuisNiiLee Mutual Aid Collective as we are excited to invite Founder & CEO of Black Dance Change Makers, Antuan Byers, to facilitate “Budgeting Basics” - a “How to” for getting started or strengthening our financial awareness. This event is for any & everyone. It will take place tonight, March 30th from 7p - 9p EST- via Zoom. Room capacity is limited, so head over to our events tab, register and secure your ticket as soon as possible! We don’t want you to miss this! 
To stay abreast of the programs we have coming this year, please follow us at @jsnmacollective on Instagram. 
We are always welcoming to partnerships, sponsorships, and recurring contributors. To hear more about our plans for the Collective, please email me at [email protected]
See you tonight!