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Josh Habka


Josh Habka is an analog astronaut, science communicator, biohacker, and CEO of Astrochain.



Josh Universe is an astrophysics student, content creator, biohacker, and analog astronaut in training.

I am an astrophysics student looking to perform post-doctoral research with a concentration in the field of cosmology. I am a sophomore at The Florida Institute of Technology. 

When I am not studying, I am learning about different areas in astronomy and creating blog posts, videos, and podcast episodes for people who want to learn about astronomy, planetary science, and related fields.

I create blog posts, Youtube videos, podcast episodes, and short-form video content(for platforms like Instagram and Tiktok) on a specific topic so people can learn about it in a way that works best for them. I My main platforms are Instagram and my Blog. I have experience working and partnering with other companies and brands, such as Astrochain and SpaceMatics.

Besides learning and creating educational astronomy content, I do a few other smaller things, giving me a lot of leadership and research experience across different fields. I have worked on a height-adjustable water fountain that received funding from a local municipality, worked with clients on Fiverr on social media growth and computer-related tasks, and more.

I am doing astronaut training and also have analog astronaut missions coming up! I am always open to research opportunities and missions with others.