Kickstarting a European grassroots coalition to change politics for the better!
Published on December 3, 2019 by Martin Pairet

The problem

Our world is in crisis, facing a Climate Emergency, extreme Economic Inequality, and the rise of violent Extremism. Government responses to these issues have been inadquate.

The solution

To solve the problems we face today we need a new type of politics - strategically organised, and led by the grassroots; able to influence our current political structures, but in a way which eventually replaces them.

We are a European collective of progressive political organisers, independent of traditional political parties or NGOs. We're building a new model of grassoots political power - one being successfully used in the US to empower citizens and transform the political sphere. We aim to use these models to change politics in Europe for the better.

Our plan

We are building a trans-European political coalition, linking together local groups from all over Europe. In 2020 we will launch a trans-European political campaign, building our collective and empowering organisers and communities by providing them with the skills necessary to change politics from the ground up.

For our movement to be successful, we need financial assistance. By donating to us you can help us:

-Train ourselves and others in the organising methods we need to empower our communities

-Share our skills and knowledge in communities across Europe

-Develop our communication tools and networks

-Fund administrative staff to help our coalition grow

The first step

Our team are organising a radical political training course in January 2020, in order to build communities of power across Europe. This training will be led by experienced organisers from the US, in methods that have seen huge strategic wins in the past number of years. We will use this intensive training session to train new community organisers, and develop our strategy for 2020 and beyond.

The funds

In total, we aim to raise over 15,000€ for kick starting our European coalition, preferrably in regular donations - this will cover costs of facilitated training by People's Action US, as well as the costs of initially expanding our collective. Should we surpass our goal, we will use funds raised to provide further training for committed organisers across Europe, as well as support costs for our future organising.

Why you should donate

We have a bold vision of a new Europe - one in which political parties, governments, and multinational corporations are truly accountable to people. We will build power from the bottom up. We're sick of status quo ante politics, and you are too. A donation to this project will help bring about the change we need.

Reach out

We need funds, but we also need people. If you are interested in being part of this campaign, or learning more, please do not hesitate to reach out. You can contact paul [@] for more information.

Thank you for your contribution!