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Christmas 2022 Kairos preview release
Published on December 24, 2022 by Natan Sinigaglia

As promised at our last Community Update Meetup, here we are with the first official preview release of the Kairos nuget, just in time to celebrate Christmas :)

In order to start playing with kairos:
  1. Install the latest vvvv gamma 2022.5 preview version (download here)
  2. Open the command line from the quad menu of vvvv (note: you need to use the latest vvvv gamma preview

    and type:

  3. nuget install vl.Kairos -pre
  4. Open the Help Browser and explore the available help patches for any of the kairos packages
    1. Kairos
    2. AlchemX
    3. LayerX
    4. Touchy
You can find all the Kairos Research Lab available nugets on

Thanks so much to all the friends that are supporting the project!!!!!
If you appreciate the work of Kairos Research Lab, please consider supporting the research by becoming a financial contributor here on Open Collective. It would be our Christmas present :)

Merry Christmas and see you in 2023 with a lot of new exciting news!!!!

The Kairos Research Lab team

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