Open Collective
Open Collective
Volunteer Update 3 May 2020
Published on May 4, 2020 by Erika Wakid

Six weeks ago, we leafletted Campden, Holland, and Pembridge wards hoping to help some of our neighbours. As of today, we have fulfilled 200 unique residents’ requests!

In addition, about 90 residents receive regular assistance from their matched volunteers in the form of weekly errands and friendly phone calls. If you’ve been matched with a resident and haven’t heard from them recently, please remember to check in. Many residents feel that they are imposing by asking for help, so a familiar voice checking in regularly may help put them at ease and encourage them to reach out.

We have emailed requests to approximately 85% of the 196 volunteers who’ve signed up and we average about 5 new residents’ requests a day. For those of you who haven’t received a request yet, rest assured we will be in touch with a request near you when it comes in. In the meantime, we encourage those of you wishing to do more to also register with other organizations and foodbanks; and if you are aware of a neighbour who might need some support, let them know you’re able to help.

To date, we have received £2,264.49 in donations, which we use to reimburse volunteers and help minimize the use of cash wherever possible. All financial transactions are recorded on our Open Collective page and can be viewed by anyone for complete transparency. Accordingly, please remember not to include your resident’s full name when submitting an expense. Should anyone you know wish to donate to our fund, please share the link to our Open Collective page:

Any funds left over, when things go back to normal, will be donated to local charities.