Open Collective
Open Collective
Published on March 10, 2021 by Jonathan White

First off, I need to thank everyone for their incredible support to this project. I am motivated to provide an exceptional experience to all of our users and continually improve and secure KeePassXC now and in the future. We recently needed to purchase a new Code Signing cert since our original one expired, your donations make sure that expense is covered and easy to make! Additionally, we are looking forward to so many awesome updates in the 2.7.0 release. We don't have any planned date yet, but major refactors are being completed now and major UI overhauls are next. Some notable changes made already:

  • Complete overhaul of Auto-Type code and a new selection dialog with the ability to search the database on demand
  • Conversion to the Botan cryptographic library to replace gcrypt, sodium, and argon2 dependencies
  • With the above, we can also move to a MS Visual Studio pipeline opening the door to Windows Hello integration and other advanced Windows features
  • Also with the above, plans to add PKCS#11 support and TPM support for in-memory encryption

Our UI improvements include Entry Layout Customization and a whole new way to interact with your database to make finding and using entries easier than ever.