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Open Collective
The votes are in!
Published on December 23, 2021 by Jonathan White

Hello everyone! First, a special thank you to Red Hat for their generous contribution to our Open Collective. Subsequently, we took a poll on Twitter to figure out what the most desired Linux features would be. It was nearly a dead heat between Auto-Type on Wayland and Fingerprint QuickUnlock support. As a result, we are going to apply development time to both of those items. In addition, we will be officially taking over the Flatpak distribution and making it a first-class deliverable from our team.

In other news, we have largely finalized the 2.7.0 code base and will be pushing out a Release Candidate very soon. There are hundreds of improvements that have gone into 2.7.0 and we are very excited to get that in everyone's hands.

Thank you for all your support and continued feedback!