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layout diagram sheet goods

knot head

Posted on October 18, 2022

sorry if this is amateur - I am one...when drawing overlayment to old subfloor in closet design, using ¼" Baltic B, my dimensions are larger than the standard sheet of 4x8' (9x11). When GENERATE DRAWING, I would have expected it to show me 1 full size sheet and a partial second sheet, and where to cut. But I only get error..
-"(No placement possible (trim size too large, standard panel too small, saw kerf too large, …).how do I get desired info? Change original design by breaking floor into sections? seem wrong. 


Martin Mueller

Posted on October 19, 2022


Layouts assume that all parts are smaller than the board they fit into. What you would like to do is tiling, that is find out how many tiles you need to fill an area. This is not what cutting diagrams are about.

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