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Stating weight of final product?


Posted on June 14, 2022

Hi there,

when I put in the density of the material, OCL outputs a weight in the report. But this is the weight of the raw material (in my case of the uncut sheets of wood). I´m rather interested in the approximate weight of the final product (= weight of all items of the list summed up) for calculating shipping fees later on. Since the total volume is stated on the list I can easily calculate it by myself but I would love to have it on the list - is there a way?

In case there is no option I´d like to suggest this feature for a later version. Since it´s an easy calculation it shouldn´t be too hard to include. I do heavy things and this feature would be so helpful!

Thanks a lot! 

Martin Mueller

Posted on June 16, 2022


Yes, this is something that we will put on our todo list. However we cannot guarantee that it will be done any time soon. While most of the time, the weight of the list of parts will be roughly the weight of the model or the piece of furniture, this must not be the case all the time.

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