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Open Collective
Status Update
Published on November 28, 2020 by Luke Seers

New News Pages

You may have noticed the new and improved news page, these include many new features and we are delighted with the response it has received, thank you to all the users, using the website!


In the near future we are planning to halt the receiving of donations for a period of time, this is partly due to the fact that we have not taken out any donations from the last month. The amount that has already been received will be frozen until such time as we reopen our open collective page, during this period all expenses will be paid by the latest privacy team.

The future of Latest Privacy

We are still alive and kicking and will remain fighting for the good of all privacy.

Where can I follow new updates?

As we will not be using open collective for the near future, we will be moving blogs to our own website and will be implementing a blog section shortly.

Thanks for your support.

The LP Team