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The LP Team Keeps on Growing!
Published on January 27, 2020 by Matthew

Game Changer 🚀

Latest Privacy is incredibly excited to announce the addition to two team members! With these additions, Latest Privacy will be extending a helping-hand to the privacy-loving community and activists while providing our own content for educational purposes.

What Are They Doing?

Python Developer

Our first addition to talk about is our new python developer. As we mentioned above, Latest Privacy wants to aid Journalists and Human Rights Activists if they ever find themselves in a sticky situation. Our first open source project will aim to tackle one of the issues journalists and human rights activists may face while traveling …which we will reveal at a later date!

Content Writer

And finally, we are welcoming a content writer! Their primary objective is to bring to light privacy issues that the general public deserves to know about.  By producing our very own content, we plan to create thought provoking questions, as well as giving any viewer the information affecting their every day lives that we believe is being missed by media outlets. 

We are thrilled to have our new team members, be sure to follow our page and our twitter(@Latest_Privacy), closely for newly posted content.

Thanks for your support. Cheers!

The LP Team