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Discover a new form of association
Transparent by design
Open your finances to your community
Unpaid Expenses
All submitted expenses can be seen by everyone. Core members of a collective can approve or reject them.
Funds Available
Your available funds are visible to everyone. Anyone can see the money that went in & out of the collective.
Submit Expenses
Take a picture of the receipt with your phone or upload a PDF to the collective.
Approve & Reimburse (or Reject)
Give permission to the organizers of your collective to approve expenses. Once approved, the Host can reimburse the expenses in one click. (using PayPal or manually).
Request Money
Easily create and share a URL to raise funds for specific activities or goals in your collective.
Many currencies are supported 😉
Different efforts, Different Tiers.
Create the tiers that suit your collective.
Automatically generate a PDF invoice for each donation
You can customize the information displayed
Show your backers
Highlight those who support your mission and earn the trust of new comers
backers via: webpack
You own your data.
Export all your backers with their email address at any time.
Open At Heart
Our software is open source. Visit our GitHub.
Join the movement
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