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Liblast 0.1.9 pre-alpha release!
Published on February 27, 2023 by unfa

New release!

Downloads and a list of changes are here:

There's lots of exciting changes, most notably - bots (AI players) can now take part in multiplayer games. If you join the `` public dedicated server you'll see some AI characters running around. Unfortunately it's hard to tell them apart from human players, because syncronising the character profile (name, color etc.) isn't getting the badges through, which indicate who's a bot or not. Also these bots can mysteriously multiply without appearing in the scoreboard, making the server's CPU overload. For now I've applied a band-aid - I'm just restarting the dedicated server every 30 minutes before this bot leak makes the game absolutely unplayable. Oh well! The wonders of pre-alpha software!

Other super-cool changes include two original music tracks in the game (a menu theme and an energetic in-game action track! Both made with 100% open-source software having the entire music project present in the git repository in Asset Sources) and a new gorgeous 3D skybox. use the Z key while in-game to zoom-in and enjoy the beauty of space. Also we have a pretty unusual moon over there.

if you haven't noticed, Liblast has a new beautiful website thanks to ecogex. The website also now has it's own Git repository under the Liblast organisation on Codeberg:

I'd like to thank everyone who's been contributing and supporting the project financially. We don't have many expenses now, but we'll certainly find good use for your money in due time.

Take care and I hope to see you in-game sometime :)

- unfa