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Feb 2019 Development Update
Published on February 22, 2019 by Qstick

Just a quick update on the state of development for all our contributors. We are nearing 0.6 beta release which we hope to ship by mid-late March. This update looks to be our biggest yet with many requested features and the long awaited track parsing re-write (Thanks ta264!). Below is a full list of planned feature for 0.6 and then a basic road map for 0.7 and onward. We appreciate the support and contributions from you all as well as the time given by out many nightly testers. As our server load increases so does our bill so every bit helps!! :)

Release 0.6 Beta - Mid/Late March 19

  • Tag Writing for Audio Files (Complete metadata tag writing for library files, with options to keep in sync with MB and selective tagging)
  • Track Import Re-Write (Based loosely on Beets logic, the importer has been completely re-written to more accurately identify tracks and releases)
  • Track Audio Fingerprinting (AcoutID Fingerprinting support to allow for better track matching)
  • Automatic Release switching (Lidarr will Automatically select the correct release to match what was grabbed)
  • Release Profiles (Allows for preferred words and scoring for preferred words for search results)
  • Show unknown in Queue (Show all items in queue that are in the Lidarr category for your download client)
  • Import List Exclusions (Exclude artists from being grabbed from an Import List)
  • Health Check Failure, Download Failure, and Import Failure Notification Options
  • Memory leak fixes pulled from Sonarr
  • Various UI tweaks and other updates

Release 0.7 Beta - June/July 19

  • Re-Write Scanning system and how Lidarr handles new/un-mapped files
  • Re-Write Organizer to allow support for (almost) any directory structure
  • Move to an Album-Centric design to allow for VA albums
  • More Small Updates (Maybe we get to Spotify)

Release 1.0 Final - Sometime after 0.7 but before 1.1 :)

  • Fix everything we broke from all the kick-ass features we added!