First Beta Release

Published on April 24, 2018 by Daniel

We are proud to announce our first public beta release ( We wanted to take the opportunity to

once again thank all of those that have donated and supported us! We sincerely appreciate it!

Few items recently added since last update that could use some testing from you guys:

- Custom filtering of releases for manual album searches (Thanks Markus101)

- Release status filtering in metadata profiles

- Discography downloading

- Manual album release selection

- Album details page in UI

- Import Lists (Billboard,, Itunes)

- Better artist import matching (based on rating)

- Fuzziness on new artist search.

- Single Album notifications

- Track parsing improvements (using musicbrainz release tag to identify album, cleaning album title, cleaning track title)

- Ratings for artists/albums (these come from musicbrainz currently so rate items there to improve this)

- Album monitoring options on artist add (future, existing, missing, first, last)

- Various other Core, Metadata, and UI improvements

Also for fun we wanted to share a few stats from our api thus far as well:

2600 unique users

600,000 requests per day

Top 5 artists from the user base:

- Eminem

- Coldplay

- Metallica

- Linkin Park

- Red Hot Chili Peppers

Thanks again to everyone testing and submitting bug reports. This has been extremely helpful!!! If anyone would like to volunteer to help with the Wiki let us know.

Donations help us with hosting for the metadata, update, and any future services. We are currently hosting on Google Cloud Platform through trial credits with enough remaining to hopefully last us around 3 more months. The current cost of our hosting is around $70/month, which will increase as we gain users. We are actively searching for cheaper hosting to migrate to once our trial credits run out and working to improve caching and performance of our services to reduce load.