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Local Food Forest

We build capacity for bioregional regeneration and equitable access to art and sustainable agriculture production.

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We convene individuals and groups to develop our capacity for coordinated mutual aid and bioregio...
The enterprise incubator resolves the unmet need of access to production facilities, tools and su...

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When our communities and forests thrive, ecosystems regenerate! 

Local Food Forest is a resource hub and entrepreneur incubator with an art and agriculture production infrastructure run by and for makers and growers who own our programs.
Disadvantaged communities have been long been forced into the liminal space between lack and opportunity. Historically and currently, Indigenous, Black and Brown communities are forced to apply our abundant creativity and ingenuity toward problem solving systemically engineered lack whilst being the gateway to wealth opportunities for others, intentionally and unintentionally. For Black and Brown folks to thrive and participate in bioregional regeneration as the influencers we must be, Black and Brown femmes need access to space, tools, guidance, funds and administrative support. (Uhuru Hilton, Convener)

Local Food Forest programs are peer developed by creatives and producers on 1.1 acre plot within the Occaneechi Band of the Saponi Nation territory in Alamance County, North Carolina, USA and other locations in our developing networks to support the bioregional regeneration of the forests and communities.

Local Food Forest Programs

1. Bioregional Regeneration Hub
Local Food Forest supports the capacity of local growers by supporting diverse human, plant, pollinator and wildlife populations through convening participants to engage in needs responsive permaculture, conservation and community organizing practices.  Healers, artists, and environmental stewards engage on site and virtually to experience empathy nature, resolve labor capacity challenges, exchange resources and land management practices and create natural art and develop policy.

2. Cooperative Enterprise Incubator
Local Food Forest is an enterprise incubator for Black, Indigenous and Disaporic Persons of Color resolving the unmet need of space to develop, create, store and work. Our onsite members have included H2AFRO and Beaded Earth. Members are offered studio space, access to indoor and outdoor production facilities and utilities, and engage in practices of sociocracy to independently and collaboratively develop income streams.

3. Maker Space and Artist Residency

Local Food Forest is a creative space for artists to be inspired by and express through natural and found materials. The bamboo grove, the mechanic shop and Natasha Patel came together this summer producing a beautiful representation of one species of native pollinator, the dragon fly . . . or is it a butterfly. JuJu Holton created a video piece out of a day of land management do's and don'ts. Inspired by Elsewhere Museum in Greensboro, Local Food Forest is a site for on-site inspiration and reimagining of natural and found materials as a means of storytelling and communion. 

Our goal is to support the capacity of a commons of disadvantaged growers and makers to thrive beyond survival and regenerate the bioregion and their communities. 

Join us and our bioregion siblings in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, Portals of Samadhi, on the journey to a thriving network of healing bioregions and communities.

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