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Open Collective
Sharing the Blueprint 8 Activation experience!
Published on May 14, 2023 by Uhuru

Karim Malak and I are on adventure as weavers and designers that we would like to share.

A small group of us, including Karim, myself (uhuru), Ben Roberts and Bill Baue, as well as others from other parts of the world, has been making plans for “activating” the ideas in the Blueprint on Funding Governance for Systemic Transformation that was published by r3.0 last September. Through June 15, we’re launching a process for doing that.

While our grand goal as a "swarm" of individuals, groups and collectives is to identify funders and a portfolio of co-creation nodes, each of which is committed to forming a funding ecosystem that serves a domain we identify.

Karim and I are serving with the Blueprint Activation Community whose job is to support those nodes and we are also in process of identifying those in our existing ecosystems to co-create governance nodes with us. Both Karim and I have requested renumeration for a portion of our support and additional funds for any yet to be confirmed team member in need of compensation to participate. 

Ben Roberts has shared a nature-based metaphor:
"We are looking for seeds or seedlings to plant in a food forest that an emerging community will tend on an ongoing basis. We are gathering people now with the goal of collectively identifying/co-designing those seeds/seedlings and of developing that community."

Here is an introduction video!

We are engaged in one on ones within our respective bioregions and are intent to discover and support commitment to forming one of these funding ecosystems in service to regenerative work in our constellations.  

Contact me about your interest as a funding governance ecosystem collaborator!