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Local Native 2021 Summary
Published on January 8, 2022 by Yi Wang

The year 2021 has come and gone, and Local Native project has made solid progress in the past year:

  • The biggest achievement is the release of our cross-platform desktop based on the iced framework. 

  • We also updated the localnative_core dependency.

  • We have also released an iced GUI tutorial based on this codebase.

  • We learned early PR commits were not well conformed, which caused some difficulties in organizing them when writing the summary.

For more details on the changes, please see below:

New Features

  • # Released a cross-platform desktop version based on iced, supporting Linux, macOS, and Windows platforms
  • # Added cargo xtask ndkbd to simplify compiling localnative_core to Android platform


  • # Fixed app crash issue on Android 11 and newer.
  • # Fixed the bug that prevents sharing note from browser for the Android platform.
  • # Fixed the problem that on android platform SQLite database can't be accessed correctly due to the creation of temporary files.

Internal enhancement

  • # Update localnative_core dependency version
  • # Added xtask project to provide cross-platform scripting
  • # Better error handling, refactoring of localnative_core
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