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Open Collective
Second Distribution!
Published on February 19, 2023 by Love All

With crucial learnings and enthusiasm from the first distribution, our two volunteers set their sights on a second distribution. They decided to find a spot where they could go directly to distribute rather than walk around like they had done the first time.  In addition, our volunteers decided to procure some hats and gloves, along with coffee and some snacks to help round out the distribution. They had also decided to invest in a rolling cart to make sure all of the items could fit adequately and the distribution could be done more effectively. For this distribution, a local market graciously offered much to donate, including chicken noodle soup, pasta salad, wraps, sandwiches and snacks . On the morning of, the volunteers got together and portioned out all the items. Along with utensils, cups, and bottled water, it all fit in perfectly, almost magically, in the cart. 

They headed out from one of the volunteers' apartments toward the area where they had scouted earlier. There was a certain amount of anxiety whether all of the donations would be enough. Turns out - as soon as the volunteers got to the location and let a few of the displaced know they were there, they got into the flow and were handling the requests and handing out whatever was needed with love and ease. Conversations were struck, folks showed their gratitude, and the next thing you knew, save for a couple more hats and gloves and some bottled water, it was all accounted for! 

The volunteers couldn't help but feel guided in this journey as everything just seemed to work out perfectly and were so thankful for this opportunity, to not only serve but to also feel the blessings themselves. It was a wonderful feeling. They headed back with an (almost) empty cart but with full hearts, debriefing about the next time!

If this sounds like a cool journey you'd like to follow and/or support, please reach out!