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These are all the ways you can help make our community sustainable.

Make a Monthly Gift

Our donors who give monthly sustain our efforts for the long haul, because food insecurity is a chronic problem.

$781.15 USD of $1,000 USD / month raised (78%)

Starts at$10 USD / month

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Breakfast Donation

Your donation of any amount will pay for food for your neighbors in need. Please give generously.

$1,949.13 USD of $5,000 USD raised (39%)

Starts at$10 USD

Lunch Donation

Hundreds of donors have stepped up to support Love Wins, and larger gifts are able to fuel us further. Please give what you can.

$1,116.75 USD of $9,000 USD raised (12%)

Starts at$100 USD

Feast Donation

The biggest donations provide food to those who need it and a sense of stability to our collective of volunteers.

$876.75 USD of $10,000 USD raised (9%)

Starts at$400 USD