Release of the Mangrove demo UI
Published on February 6, 2020 by Dina Carabas

We are releasing today the Mangrove demo web app and look forward to you testing it and giving us feedback.

You can read and write reviews and upload pictures for restaurants, hotels, touristic sites and other places on the map, as well as for companies, websites and books.

To authenticate a reviewer, Mangrove uses public-key cryptography instead of traditional logins. This allows us to create a system where the user doesn’t have to register and entrust yet another service with their name, email address, birth date, etc. There are no cookies, trackers or any other privacy-invading technologies in the UI, so you can enjoy a service that truly respects your privacy.

For now, the demo works best on Chromium / Chrome and Firefox browsers on desktop, and on Chrome on mobile. Other browsers have some difficulties, but we are working on solving them:

  • Firefox on mobile: allows browsing and reading reviews, but doesn't allow writing reviews.
  • Safari on desktop: allows writing reviews, but doesn't uploading pictures.