Open Collective
Open Collective
Fall 2021-Feb 2022 Update
Published on March 9, 2022 by Igalia

Since the collective was established in the fall of 2021, some significant items on the approved roadmap have been completed by Igalia. As of the end of February: 

* Approved accessibility work to expose an accessibility tree in the Chromium implementation similar to what is present in WebKit and Gecko on macOS and Linux has been completed

* Very basic mtable support has been added to the Chromium implementation

* Implementation of stretchy/embellished operators.

* Performed refactoring of font-family, and basic support for generic keyword "math".

* Updated the User Agent stylesheet for MathML.

* Fixed misc Chromium bugs found by Google's fuzzer, wpt failures, etc

* Misc improvements to MathML Core spec.

* Updates and further discussions toward a stable & compact operator dictionary

Thanks to all sponsors for helping to support this important work.