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Community Pilot Program
Published on June 13, 2022 by Alexander Soto

The Modos Community Pilot Program is for designers, engineers, developers, and community members interested in contributing and providing feedback on our prototypes: Paper Laptop and Paper Monitor. The goals of the pilot program are to:

1) Build, create, and collaborate with the open-source hardware and software communities.
2) Receive feedback on our prototypes, identify bugs/errors, and iterate over time.
3) To create an ecosystem of affordable e-ink devices for community members.

The Community Pilot Program aims to consist of 40 participants and runs for about one year. The 40 participants will be divided into four batches, 10 participants per batch, and each batch will span for three to four months.

Each batch will focus on an area related to the development of our prototype: design, engineering, and software development. The batches will consist of: early adopters, software developers, designers, engineers, and end-users.

Participants will collaborate with one or two members of the Modos team. These conversations will occur twice a month and use various async communication tools like a forum, chat, or video, meeting notes, and progress/updates will be documented and shared with the community.

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