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2022 Year end update
Published on December 28, 2022 by My Black City

We had a rebuilding year as we relaunched in San Diego County, California. We had about 60 people join our Interest meeting in July. We recorded the interest meeting ( Watch Here)  Then in October, we had 120 people attend our Network & Relax event that featured a Black Art Gallery with 15 Black artists from around San Diego County.  The event also had 10 vendors, and a musical performance. the goal of the event was to connect our local black community together, which was a success. Everyone that attended was taught the skill of networking and challenged to get to know 5 other people that attended.  Teaching networking is one of the main skills that we promote to help build community

Here is a picture from our last event in San Diego, Network & Relax + Black Art Gallery.  We also had a professional footage from event and recorded testimonials from the event.  we are working on that for promotional material for next year's event.
Here is the video that we shared at the event, made by some of the attendees and members of our new chapter, that also were in attendance at the Network & Relax Event. WATCH VIDEO

This event helped set the foundation for 4 events we will be hosting in San Diego County in 2023.   the 4 events are a Network & Relax+ Black art Gallery in Vista,CA. A Black Men's Mental health Seminar in San Marcos, CA. An Earth Day Family Fun Run/Walk in Vista, CA & Virtual. and a Family Beach Skate & Music Party in Oceanside, CA

We will also be colaborating with Beleaf In Fatherhood( A Black Social Media influencer with +2million subscribers) for our local community initiatives in San Diego County.  You can learn more about the at
Our local network is growing in San Diego County!

We also had three high school interns for the last 6 months, who have been doing interviews in the local black community in Colorado Springs with our partners through the SACHS Foundation.  The interns are with us for a year.  They are producing a local Black Publication for Colorado Springs, which will be in print and digital. We hope to create a local publication for North San Diego County in 2023 also.

Thank you for your Support!
Brandon & Jini Bornes (+4 kids)
Founders of My Black City

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