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You're invited to #NITConf2022!
Published on October 25, 2022 by Desiree Acosta

Join Natives in Tech for two days of keynotes, lightning talks, workshops, networking and panels about technology and its impact on the lives and experiences as Indigenous Peoples. During this time we hope you will join us in listening, learning and celebrating the accomplishments and work being done to address data sovereignty issues Native people and communities face within technology. We look forward to the speakers inspiring innovation and sparking conversations so together we can continue to craft technology that truly serves Native communities and respects Native identities. REGISTER: 

First, on November 4th from 9am-1pm PST we offer a program featuring:
  • Natives in Tech: Past, Present, and Future with Adam Recvlohe @adamrecvlohe
  • Pathfinding: Avoiding techno-solutionism in Indigenous nation-(re)building Jeff Doctor @jeffadoctor & Samantha Tweet @tweetys24
  • Purpose: Put Your Gifts Into Action with Jace Meyer @JaceActually
  • If These Lands Could Talk with Natasha Rabsatt @NatashaRabsatt and Marsha Maxwell
  • Integrating Google Assistant for Continuous Integration (CI) with Karan Balkar @threadsoflifebg
  • Community Convening for Jobseekers and DEI talent development builders  - A Sponsor Feature with Shipt

On the second day, November 5th from 4pm-7:30pm PST our program features:
  • “Skill Share/Show and Tell/Grab the Mic” Rapid-fire 5 minute community member jump-in presentations - sign ups day-of
  • Spectrum Sovereignty with Darrah Blackwater @blackwatersoul
  • Ethics, Education, and Ethereum - What Indian Country needs to know about Crypto with Holly Grimm @hollygrimm
  • Building a VC-Backed Tech Startup in Indian Country with @amberebuker
  • Local Contexts: Supporting Indigenous data sovereignty in digital infrastructures with Dr Janette Hamilton-PearceCorrie @LocalContexts Roe @CorrieRoe
  • Towards ecologically-aware language technology that promotes sustained language use with Joshua  Nemecek @mr_nemecek
  • Rematriating Tech and CS Education with Frieda McAlear @Friedamca

Attendees are encouraged to use the Gather.Town meetup space during the full 48 hours of access to this amazing space built full to the brim with content to interact with, learn from, watch, listen to, and otherwise enjoy that highlights the beautiful tapestry that makes up the Native community.  Meetup, use it as coworking space, whatever! Enjoy! Access will be available using the link received as part of registration prior to the event. 

We hope to see you! Signed, 
The Natives In Tech Conference Planning Team