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Nix debugger PR is merged!
Published on May 26, 2022 by Ben Burdette

I've been working on a nix debugger feature for over a year now, and its finally merged!  Here's an overview:

And, with that the nix-errors-enhancement project is in the red.  I thought this might happen with this feature, these things usually take longer than expected, and this was a big one.  Now that its merged it will be getting some attention from the community, so I'll probably be helping to fix issues that come up. 

That said, I probably won't be starting another nix-errors project for a while, until the finances get back into the black again. 

If you're curious you can see where the time went while working on the debugger:

As of today I'm about 10 hours over budget.  That debugger feature took over 100 hours to implement.  

Anyway thanks everyone for the support!  I had fun working on this, and learned a lot!
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