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Nix error enhancement phase 2, PR 1 merged!
Published on June 15, 2020 by Ben Burdette

Big news!

The first PR from this project was just demo code for the new error API. Today we got our next PR merged, which switches the whole nix repo over to the new format!

Nearly every C++ file in the repo was touched! This will be the biggest PR, by far, for this project. Getting this in is a major feat!

Thanks to everyone who reviewed and otherwise helped out with this phase: Domen Kozar, John Ericson, Tobias Pflug, and Eelco Dolstra. That was a lot of code to look at!

Next up, I'm looking forward to finishing out this phase with showing the lines of code for errors, and supporting show-trace in the new format. I expect that PR to be much easier, both to make the changes and to review them.


Ben Burdette

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