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Revising our nix errors road map - phase 3+
Published on July 16, 2020 by Ben Burdette

We're revamping the funding goals for the nix error improvement project! The original phase 3 involved a comprehensive review and revision of all the existing errors, followed by a phase 4 where we address specific pain points from the nix issues.

At this point its looking like doing the big phase 3 would mean a long delay before addressing issues that are known to cause problems for new nix users. These issues were a lot of the original motivation for the project.

So now we're going to jump straight to the nix-repo-issue phase, with the issue priority being donor driven.  I'll be keeping a queue of nix issues to work on, and I'll work on those issues as funds allow.

Both the issue queue and a work time log will be available in the bburdette/nix-error-proposal repo.

To add an issue to the queue, make a donation and send me a message with your issue of choice, through the 'contact' form on opencollective. Or, you can donate without a specific issue in mind, and I'll spend that time on whatever's in the queue, with excess time going towards general improvements.

Thanks to all the donors who got us this far, and looking forward to the next phase!