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Collective balance
$6,442.22 USD

Fiscal Host
Ben Roberts

Expense policies

Financial requests are made by each convener, host, and others with "staff" roles for a given Now What?! iteration, and are subject to the consent of all others in similar roles. Policies and processes for allocating project support funding and participant dividends are developed by Ben Roberts and consented to by all conveners and hosts for a given _Now What?! _ iteration. Contact ben(at)conversationcollaborative(dot)com with inquiries.

Staff financial requests for the pop-up gift economy associated with the May/June 2019 iteration of Now What can be seen here:

Once the pool of funding for a given pop-up gift economy has been collected, it is divided into three buckets: 60% for staff gifts, 20% for project support, and 20% for participant dividends. The staff gifts bucket is distributed pro rata based on the amount each person has requested. Project support is democratically allocated by Now What?! participants using the Codigital and Cobudget platforms. The participant dividend bucket is divided up equally among all those requesting a share of it who were a part of the associated Now What?! engagement.

Expenses are only submitted once the allocation process described above has been completed.

To request support (financial or otherwise) for a project or in recognition of your personal participation, please use this form:


How do I get paid from a Collective?
Submit an expense and provide your payment information.
How are expenses approved?
Collective admins are notified when an expense is submitted, and they can approve or reject it.
Is my private data made public?
No. Only the expense amount and description are public. Attachments, payment info, emails and addresses are only visible to you and the admins.
When will I get paid?
Payments are processed by the Collective's Fiscal Host, the organization that hold funds on their behalf. Many Fiscal Hosts pay expenses weekly, but each one is different.
Why do you need my legal name?
The display name is public and the legal name is private, appearing on receipts, invoices, and other official documentation used for tax and accounting purposes.

Collective balance

$6,442.22 USD

Fiscal Host:

Ben Roberts