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OBS Studio 28.0 Beta
Published on August 3, 2022 by Ben Torell

Our first beta release of OBS Studio 28 is now live, and we need your help testing!

This is going to be an enormous release, including:

* HDR support
* Apple Silicon support
* UI framework updated to Qt 6
* Integrated obs-websocket 5.0
* Updated AMD encoder implementation
* Support for ScreenCaptureKit on macOS 12.5+ and improvements to the Apple VT encoder
* Application-specific audio capture
* Integrated NVIDIA Background Removal and updated noise suppression
* Ability to automatically split recordings by time or file size
* New default theme, Yami
* Much, much more!

As you can tell, this release is going to be a big one, and because of that, we need as much help with testing as we can get! For details on how to get the beta and how to give us your feedback, see the #beta-testing channel on Discord, or visit the forum thread here:

Thanks again for your help making this one of the biggest OBS releases ever!