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Open Collective
End Of Year with Okionu Birth Foundation!
Published on December 16, 2022 by Jacquelyn Clemmons

Happy Friday Okionu Family!

We are thrilled to share our end of year wrap up with you.

2022 has been a year with tons of highs and lows and we are beyond grateful for you and your tangible and intangible support.

Earlier this year, we focused on gaining momentum in funding and secured our first multi-year grant from Goldman Sachs One Million Black Women. This funding allowed us to effective hire a team to build out sustainable business systems, launch a digital marketing campaign, and lay a strong foundation to launch our 'True Wisdom Postpartum Circles' in Dallas, TX beginning January 2023!

Over the last few months we've been able to partner and support local black and latino small businesses to provide our products and services.

We have recently partnered with

Fit Tribe Wellness out of Baltimore, MD who will be leading our families through their innovative treatment to assist in healing diastasis recti a condition that effects most pregnant folks.

You & Me Therapy out of Dallas, TX who will be facilitating the licensed therapy portion of our wisdom circles.

Melabebe' out of Denver, CO who has contributed their clean, skincare products for melanated babies to our Wisdom circle goodie bags.

We have a few dynamic partnerships and event sponsors in the works that we can't shar about just yet, but know we are expanding and growing in providing practical, impactful postpartum support to our families.

In short, THANK YOU!

Your support and encouragement mean the world to us.

Over the holidays, we'd appreciate you sharing our visions with your networks, employers, anyone you think would get behind our mission and vision.

Wise.Intuitive.Thoughtful. Postpartum Care is here to stay.

In Gratitude,
Open Collective
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