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Estelle Weyl Joins Open Web Docs Staff
Published on August 19, 2021 by Florian Scholz

Open Web Docs is thrilled to announce that Estelle Weyl has joined the team this week as a Sr. Technical Writer and Developer Advocate.

A front end engineer with 20-years of CSS, JS and HTML experience, Estelle has always been a web standardista, advocating for a free, accessible, and performant web. Estelle has been documenting and teaching web standards since 2007, writing numerous books, blogs, and tutorials.

She has spoken at over 100 conferences, organized meetups, the Confident Coding series of conferences, and the international web performance conference #PerfMatters. She has written several books including co-authoring CSS: The Definitive Guide, HTML and CSS for the Real World, and authoring Mobile HTML5. She has led CSS, accessibility, JavaScript, and web performance workshops, including teaching with Frontend Masters. She also actively works to improve inclusion in our industry.

At Open Web Docs, Estelle will be focusing on community building in addition to working with the team on improving documentation. We’re excited and proud to have her join the team - please join us in welcoming Estelle Weyl!
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Sebastian Zartner

Posted on August 23, 2021

Another great win for Open Web Docs! Welcome to the team, Estelle!
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