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Facebook Joins Open Web Docs as Lead Funder
Published on May 4, 2021 by Jory Burson

Open Web Docs is excited to welcome Facebook as a lead funder, joining Google, Microsoft, and Coil on the Governing Committee. As a leading user of, and contributor to, web-based technologies and browsers, Facebook understands how important quality documentation is to the education and productivity of developers. 

“Together, Open Web Docs and Facebook will work to ensure developer documentation remains high quality, help drive shared content opportunities with other frameworks, and showcase an even a wider array of browsers that adhere to the MDN-documented technologies,” said Joel Marcey, Developer Advocate and Ecosystem Lead on Facebook’s Open Source Team, and Open Web Docs Governing Committee Member.

In addition to the Governing Committee, Facebook will be joining the Steering Committee, where it will help develop roadmaps and execution to ensure Open Web Docs is working on the highest impact projects for web developers.

“We see the web, both 2D and Immersive, as an important part of the overall XR user and developer experience. In order to better support the XR ecosystem, we are strong proponents of high-quality information for developers targeting browsers on all XR devices. Open Web Docs is a perfect initiative to help drive and showcase these types of underrepresented documentation,” said Dave Hill, Oculus Engineering Manager

Facebook’s sponsorship will contribute to the hiring of full-time Open Web Docs technical writing staff, as well as continue the investment in the future of web platform documentation.

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