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Join us at Write the Docs Portland
Published on May 16, 2022 by Will Bamberg

We're excited to announce that Open Web Docs is again sponsoring the Write the Docs conference: this time the virtual Portland edition, coming May 22-24, 2022. Samsung Internet generously underwrote our sponsorship through additional financial support to our Open Collective fund.

We are big fans of Write the Docs; especially its inclusive approach to the discipline of documentation. It leads to interesting conversations and provides opportunities to learn from each other.

Open Web Docs staff members Will Bamberg, Estelle Weyl, and Queen Vinyl Da.i’gyu-Kazotetsu will be attending the conference.

Open Web Docs will also be participating in the Write the Docs Writing Day. We look forward to updating and improving the content that powers MDN Web Docs, and will be bringing a list of projects to support these goals. Our team will be available to provide support for all Writing Day attendees who want to contribute to the MDN content project.

We are looking forward to spending time with the Write the Docs community and working on improving the reliability and sustainability of web platform documentation. We hope to see you there!