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Open Web Docs Q1 Impact Report
Published on April 22, 2022 by Florian Scholz

Hey there OWD backers and supporters!

In 2021, you heard from the Open Web Docs team every month when we published our worklog posts to keep you up to date with our activities. In addition, we also created an end of year impact and transparency report outlining what we've accomplished in OWD's first year.

In 2022, we've decided to keep you updated more thoroughly every three months and to publish impact reports quarterly. Please find the lastest Q1 2022 OWD report on our GitHub. It features:

  • Goals: a restatement of the overall goals of the organization
  • Staff: an update on staffing changes
  • Impact: a summary of day to day contributions to documentation projects.
  • Projects: a summary of completed projects
    • Modernize the JavaScript Learning Area
    • Rewriting reference pages for all web platform events
    • WAI-ARIA Web Accessibility Documentation
We're also working on our website where you will find our reports and blog posts in a more organized way going forward. Stay tuned for when it launches!
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