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Invite administrators when applying to a host
Published on June 21, 2022 by Benjamin Nickolls

Hosts that require a minimum number of administrators to accept projects can now ask Collectives to invite them as part of their application.

Back in February we announced the first of our features focused on governance. Governance is an incredibly important part of what we offer through our network of Hosts. Good governance enables hosts to accept more projects and helps projects grow their communities.

Many hosts require that the projects they accept have a minimum number of administrators, doing this ensures that there isn't a monopoly on the use of the communities money. That there can always be someone else, within the community, to answer whether an expense or request for funding is in the best interests of the project.

Today we're enabling Hosts who require a minimum number of administrators to ask that projects applying invite them as part of their application:

We've enabled this feature on our own hosts Open Source Collective and Open Collective Foundation. Other hosts can apply this setting in their Policy Settings.

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