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Preview Features
Published on October 11, 2023 by Shannon Wray

With our new Preview Features option, you can test selected upcoming features and updates - and toggle them on and off with just a single click.

Next time you look in your profile menu (the one in the top right corner), you might notice a new option. We’ve just introduced a Preview Features menu, allowing you to select from a range of features and updates currently being tested with users. By toggling these features on and off, you can explore upcoming features - and give us feedback on how to improve them.
Why do we need a Preview Features option?
Change can be disorienting, mainly if you use the platform for many essential admin tasks.
You want to explore new interfaces and features when you have the time and not disrupt critical or familiar workflows when you’re busy.

Preview Features allow you to try out specific upcoming updates before release. During this testing phase, you can test selected features - and revert to how things looked before by simply toggling the feature off again. This functionality will last until the update is officially released.

Previews will not be offered for all features we release on the platform. There will be situations where we have to make changes without an opt-in, mainly when fixing bugs or improving security. But we hope this Preview Features option will allow you to familiarise yourself with upcoming changes as the platform evolves.

Getting involved
The first big preview you’ll see if you click on your menu is the new Dashboard, which we hope will streamline your experience as an individual and an admin. 

As we go, we will add more significant and small features to this menu. These may vary depending on your status and your activity on the platform. Pick the ones you’re interested in, and toggle them on and off to activate them on your account.

These features are all previews, so you may notice some changes over time if you’ve toggled the feature on. We use the preview phase to hear from users like you about how to make features work better - so don’t be shy about suggesting fixes and improvements. 

You can do this by selecting the “let us know” link in the Preview Features box or going direct to