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Achievements in August 2021
Published on August 31, 2021 by Igor Zalatov

Achievements in August 2021

New SoC support: HiSilicon CV500 family, SigmaStar SSC337(DE)
New sensors support: SC2231/3235/4236, GC2053
New universal U-Boot for HiSilicon Hi3516Ev200(ev300/18ev300) with OpenIPC compatible environment is available  
Added YouTube streaming support using a separate delivery agent
Launched new Motors project to reverse engineer PTZ camera (XM devices are in repo)
Added HiSilicon SoCs support to QEMU emulator
Added audio codecs AAC, Opus, and PCM to all streaming systems
Firmware can be upgraded over-the-air using sysupgrade
Added internal Prometheus Node exporter
Added TLS encryption support both for server and client
Added IPv6 protocol support for all media services which can use it