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Meet the new OpenIPC 2.2 in the coming year !
Published on December 31, 2021 by Igor Zalatov

Hi all !

We, like most projects, summarize the results of the year, which was really revolutionary for us:

1) We made a momentous project's decision to change the platform from OpenWRT to Buildroot, which allowed us to drop the support of the router-specific code and increase the themes of its development.

2) The difficult post-sanction period for HiSilicon challenged us to support alternative chips for popular cameras, but as a result, the development became multiplatform and no longer depends on a single vendor.

3) We added a lot of new features to budget cameras which no one had done before: serverless HLS, native H.265 support in the browser, low latency mode, support for several modern audio codecs simultaneously, but the realization of most of the ideas are still to come.

4) Thanks for the donations we have received, we have significantly expanded the capabilities of our laboratories, which allowed us to conduct R&D of hardware that has just come on sale.

Most importantly, thank you all for believing that a small handful of people can change the conservative market and supporting us in every way possible !

Meet the new OpenIPC 2.2 in the coming year !


Posted on January 5, 2022

Thanks for creating such a wonderful project for the world. I cannot imagine the amount of landfill created by cheap cameras which can no longer be used thanks to old firmware that uses Internet Explorer ActiveX controls for example and vendors not offering any upgrade.

When is the team going to think more seriously about supporting the end users trying to get into this project? A table is needed that clearly shows commercial/retail IP Cameras and what SOC it maps to in order to allow end users to start to use this firmware and test!