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Open Collective
Towards Democratizing Privacy Technology
Published on December 15, 2022 by souravcipher

It’s my great pleasure to announce OpenPrivacyTech, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) and open-source initiative working on democratizing privacy technology. The purpose of this initiative is to make privacy-enhancing technologies(PETs) more accessible to everyone and encourage the adoption of these emerging technologies with education, research, and advocacy. This year we were pretty successful to achieve a few of our milestones. We have received the nonprofit status, introduced our new logo, website, social media handles, open-sourced our website, and participated in Hacktoberfest.

We have received fantastic responses to our open-source project during the hacktoberfest, we continue to thrive with the support of the open-source community. Since we are new and looking for contributions, we are actively looking to collaborate with folks who are interested in volunteering and contributing towards our goal of democratizing privacy technologies, if you’re interested feel free to contact me at [email protected] 

We are excited about 2023, as we are planning to launch new projects in 2023, we are looking forward to launching our community, brand guidelines, education program, participating in open-source programs, applying for grants, collaborating, and partnering with organizations that are building privacy-enhancing technologies. 

We are grateful to Open Collective Foundation for being the sponsor and for the continuous support of our initiative. 

Sourav Das 
Founder at OpenPrivacyTech