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Funding OpenSeadragon with OpenCollective

Ian Gilman

Posted on September 18, 2021

After quite some time of contemplating, I've taken the plunge and started this OpenCollective for OpenSeadragon. I've been working on OpenSeadragon for years, for the most part without any monetary compensation. I can do this because I have a flexible schedule and because I limit my contributions to answering questions, reviewing pull requests, and various other maintenance and communication tasks. Even so, the work adds up, and it would be easier to justify continuing to do it if there was some money coming in.

The thing that really pushed me over the edge, though, is the huge amount of work Mark Salsbery has done recently reworking the entire event/gesture handling system and fixing countless bugs along the way. He, too, is not being paid for this work, even though everyone who uses OpenSeadragon will benefit from it! To me, that's a terrible shame, and I'm hoping we can bring in some funding to reward him for all of his hard work.

I figure there are many companies and institutions who rely on OpenSeadragon; it would be great if they could be part of helping to make it financially sustainable.

So what is OpenCollective? It's a sponsorship and financial transparency platform with a particular interest in open source projects. You can give a one time pledge, or a monthly sponsorship. That money goes into an account that can get paid out to people (like Mark and I, as well as other contributors) as work gets done.

So if you (or the company/institution you work for) benefit from OpenSeadragon, please consider pledging your support! Also, if you have ideas for how to help spread the word and reach potential sponsors, I'd love to hear them… Fundraising isn't my forte, but I feel OpenSeadragon is worth it!

Thank you all for being part of this community, and for helping out however you can! ❤️

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