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[0.14.16] OvenMediaEngine has been updated! (Nov 23, 2022)
Published on November 23, 2022 by JS Lee

We have updated OvenMediaEngine to 0.14.16. For details, please refer to the release notes.


  • Compatible with dependencies ( installed in 0.14.9 or later.
    • Recommendation : Update to OpenSSL 3.0.7 by rerunning to fix the security issue
    • Recommendation2 : jemalloc is used again. Run to update to jemalloc 5.3.0
  • Compatible with version 0.14.8 or higher of Origin or Edge.
  • Compatible with Server.xml used in 0.12.6 or later.


  • Added various macros to <OutputPath> of LLHLS Dump.


  • Changed the policy of <Encodes><Video><ThreadCount>.
    • -1: automatic thread count of OME / 0: automatic thread count of codec / 1 or more: same as before
  • Changed to allow even certain parts in the RTMP Sequence Header that violate the standard.
  • Changed to use jemalloc again.


  • Fixed an issue where memory continued to grow when a long keyframe interval stream was input to LLHLS.

Thank you!