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Open Collective
November 25th Update
Published on November 25, 2022 by Rudy Fraser

Hello Community,

I hope you've had a great week in however ways you've chosen to celebrate or not celebrate. I'm grateful for each and every one of you that has come along this journey of Papertree and continue to offer support, community, and feedback.

It's been a busy November for Papertree. Earlier this month I welcomed Marisa Rando onto the team. Marisa has a background working with fintech, web3, as well as community organizing. She'll be helping with storytelling and communication as I focus more on the technical side of Papertree.

From the beginning, Papertree has looked towards web3 tooling and communities to find novel ways to keep our community sustainable. Earlier this month, the GoodGhosting community officially voted to launch a Papertree savings pool which will split interest/yield earned from savers with our community. The Papertree savings pool is set to launch December 2nd on the Celo network.

Looking ahead, Marisa and I will be speaking about Papertree and her non-profit organization Pact DAO during a Giving Tuesday (11/29) Twitter spaces centering web3 orgs making local impact (hosted by the awesome Ericka Mabrie).

Coming up on December 8th we'd like to welcome any fellow Organizers to a kickback that the Pact DAO community will be hosting at Bed Stuy's own Remy Rouge Culture Center (thanks @Bri).

This community has felt so validating and supporting these last few months. From the name to how the website itself works, Papertree was inspired by the mutualistic, reciprocal relationships present in my own family and the desire to extend that to an entire community. By putting Papertree out in the world, many doors have unlocked that I didn't even know existed.

Marisa and I are excited to go beyond our neighborhood and help other communities build on  Papertree's platform. Pretty soon, Papertree will go from being "The Digital Community Fridge" to really becoming "The Community Bank", helping other impact organizations democratically and transparently manage their funds. More to come on that later.

Thanks again for being a part of this community and I hope to see some of you in-person soon.

Until next time ✌🏾.