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Papertree August 24th Update
Published on August 24, 2022 by Rudy Fraser

Hey Community,

It's been a couple weeks, but I hope you're doing well as the summer winds down.
Various community updates below:
  • ⚾ I received feedback from community members @Shanice Williams and @Valentina Pujols that Papertree could have a great impact in The Bronx. I'll be making updates to the website soon, but you can support our Bronx community by making a contribution to the Papertree: Bronx Branch.
  • 💰 Since our last update, we received $750.11 in reimbursement requests, of which $447.46 was paid out, with 1 approved expense ($143) waiting to be paid out.
    Important: The current balance is only $15.96. If you haven't contributed yet, please consider contributing and/or sharing our contribution link with your network. New expenses cannot be submitted or approved until the crowdshare balance is replenished.
  • ğŸŽ¤ In case you missed it, I had the opportunity to speak on a food justice panel with some other community members, hosted by our friends at Pact Collective. You can check out the full recording here.
  • 🗣️ Please continue spreading the word about Papertree. I thank @Alex Carmen, @Marisa Rando, @Ericka Mabrie, @Shanice William and @Alex Kurland for amplifying Papertree's message. I'd also like to thank whoever posted about Papertree in the "Mommy's on duty" FB Chat Group!
That's all for this week! Keep an eye out for future updates. In the coming weeks, I plan to decentralize the expense approval process so the community can choose which expenses get approved or rejected going forward and eliminate the existing power dynamic.

Thanks for your continued support.

P.S. Here are some wholesome photos of me farming with the beautiful souls of the Star Route Farms constellation ✨ 🌌 this past weekend.