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Papertree August 4th Update
Published on August 4, 2022 by Rudy Fraser

Hey Community 🌞,

I hope you're having a great week, staying cool, and staying hydrated! You'll hear this from me frequently, but I thank you all for being a part of the Papertree family. You make this possible whether you're contributing or using funds and I hope that you'll do both when the time's right for you.

Words of gratitude are sometimes directed my way, but are really meant for the community (it's an us thing):
  • Brittney S. says, "We thank you so much for your help. We really appreciate it. It's been rough." 🙏🏽
  • Mireille L. says, "I found you on fb in my feed. I decided it was worth it to try so I could share with others who could use this wonderful resource." 🌱
    • P.S. Mireille is a community garden member and activist! She also helped me get connected with a local community group called RiseBoro. I'm hoping for more connections like this in the future!
  • Wilfredo O. says "I was told [about Papertree] through a friend! Find this helpful in times like this! Would recommend again!" 🎉
  • Jessica M. says "Hello I was very pleased with the outcome, I submitted documentation, and was approved very quickly. I would definitely recommend and will donate so this service can continue" 😊
Also, thank you for the recent contributions from Sheryl W. and Kofi A. Welcome to the fam!

Many of you asked how you can support or volunteer! Here are a few things on my radar right now:
  • Central Brooklyn
    • We The People NYC does a weekly food and clothing distro on the corner of Fulton & Nostrand every Thursday 1PM - 3PM. They're always in need of volunteers on the food line (I'm with them every week, come say hi!) but also really need cook help! 
      Cooks, chefs, and bakers out there you are more than welcome to drop off goodies during one of the distros. 🧑🏿‍🍳
    • A member of Bed Stuy Strong is raising $300+ for a family in need of household goods and school supplies. If you'd like to support, you can donate by Venmoing emily-carter-6 or via Cash App $doubleecarter. Let me know if you do and I can update the Papertree fam when this goal is met.
  • North Brooklyn
    • Bushwick Ayuda Mutua does a bi-weekly food and clothing distro typically at Mayday Space in Bushwick. They have an upcoming distro this Saturday, August 6th, and usually need driver help as well as folks with availability later in the day. You can sign up to volunteer with them here.
  • Elsewhere
    • Eastern Kentucky Mutual Aid folks are dealing with the floods and are looking for some graphic design / remote support if anyone has bandwidth.
It's been great connecting with folks in the community. Your introductions, referrals, and recommendations have helped a ton. Most folks are finding out about Papertree through social media posts like this one and this one.
In the coming weeks I hope to spread the word about Papertree in collaboration with some web3 frens at Pact during a Food Justice workshop/panel and by taking over next week's ReFiDAO newsletter. Stay tuned!

If you like these updates, let me know! If you have feedback or questions, let me know! 
Please forward, share, amplify, and boost.
And as always, thank you for your continued support.