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Papertree September 10th Update
Published on September 10, 2022 by Rudy Fraser

Hello Community 🌞,

Hope you're having a great, restful weekend! There are a couple major updates and a call to action included here so please read ahead!Β 

Introducing HyperCerts ⚑ πŸ“œ ⚑

HyperCerts are a way to reward and recognize members of our community who have made a significant impact by way of their contributions. According to Mint, the average cost of food per month for 1 person ranges from $150 to $300 (avg. expense on Papertree is ~$110).

Going forward, for every $150 contributed cumulatively to Papertree, a new HyperCert will be issued representing the impact made from that contribution. Each HyperCertificate will represent 1 months worth of food and groceries contributed to the community.

They're called HyperCerts because they're more than just static images! These certificates are programmable* and they change as your impact grows. If you qualify to receive a HyperCert, I'll reach out and give you the option to accept the programmable certificate OR just a static image like the one below.

Pending ExpensesΒ 

I had a great conversation this past weekend with @Emily C. and @Alex K. of Bed Stuy Strong. Alex had the great idea of making pending expenses visible on the Use Funds page of the Papertree website. We're hoping that if folks are able to see grocery orders that have been in limbo for a bit, they'd be more up for contributing to cover those orders.

Which brings us to...

Call to Action! 🚨

With the help of @Emily C., @Izzy, and @Naugle we were able to cover a grocery order that had been pending since August 24th. We still need another $35 in contributions to help cover another order which was placed with Bed Stuy's own Brooklyn Packers on September 3rd.

That's all folks! Thanks as always to everyone who continues to support this project both through feedback as well as financial contributions.

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions on anything.

Warm regards,

* - HyperCerts are a new kind cryptographic token. They're similar to NFTs but they have some features specific to demonstrating impact made in the real world.