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September 30th Update (Reciprocity)
Published on September 30, 2022 by Rudy Fraser

Hello Community šŸ‚,

I came across an amazing talk yesterday about "Inventing on Principle". It made me think about what Papertree's roadmap would look like if every single decision was centered around a guiding principle and what such a guiding principle would be. As I tried to come up with one, I realized I already had a guiding principle, but in the haste of trying to make Papertree grow quickly I at times lost sight of it. Even before Papertree launched, the key insight/principle was a simple one:

Any and all relationshipsĀ must be reciprocal in nature

It's why you can contributeĀ and use funds. It's why for larger contributions you receive an impact certificateĀ in return. Reciprocity is Papertree's guiding principle.

updates, wins, and examples of reciprocity:
  • Papertree was rewarded with a $20K Stripe credit that will last until June 2023! Guided by reciprocity, we'll be returning those saved fees back to the community as available funds for groceries & food.
  • Related to the above, $450 worth of fees were returned to the community today to cover 4 different grocery requests. Naturally, 3 HyperCert claims were minted for the 3 months worth of impact created as a result of that ("drinking our own champagne").
  • Over $264.80 went to Brooklyn Supported Agriculture in the last week! BSA is a Black led, worker-owned food coop that sources from BIPOC / queer / women-owned farms. Love that we're able to feed our people and support their work at the same time!
Besides that, more partnerships and coalitions are being built. I'm officially a member of the Pact DAO family and soon-to-be organizer for We The People NYC. A pilot for our GatherFor partnership is built and will be tested with a small group in the next month or so, as well.

And that's it for this week.

Love you all and I'll see you in these streets.