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Open Collective
Quarterly Report: July - September 2021
Published on December 28, 2021 by William-Jose

Hello to all of our supporters,

As Pasquines becomes part of the Open Collective Foundation, we have worked to institute new reporting practices so that we can engage our community, and keep you up to date as to our progress. Going forward, we will be providing quarterly reports that highlight our traffic performance, top articles, our fundraising performance and expenses, special projects we're working on, as well as any new initiatives that come up.
Traffic Report
Looking at our traffic for this quarter, these are our main performance indicators:
As our first quarter with OCF, these numbers reflect income from our ad account and Patreon donations, which had not been transferred to any previous bank account, and therefore are considered our startup funds.
  • Income
    • Donations: $353.13
    • Ad Revenue: $150.94
  • Expenses
    • $0.00
During this quarter, our focus was on maintaining operations and setting up as a collective under OCF. As part of our new setup, we have been able to have Slack provide us with the nonprofit plan which will help us maintain records, and communicate more easily with our team.

New Initiatives
We did not launch new initiatives during this quarter but are planning for the coming months for new projects and tools that we can implement with our new partners at OCF.