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Phoenix Web Graduates to Release Candidate Status
Published on December 23, 2022 by Arun Bose

Hello everyone, Season’s greetings from everyone @ the Phoenix-Brackets dev community. It has been nearly eight months since we rolled out the first public experimental builds of . We are thrilled to update that phcode is marked stable release as of December 2022 . 

Phoenix marks the first large-scale, truly independent release from the Brackets community. Entirely homegrown within the community, it is also the largest engineering effort put into Brackets since 2015 (including Adobe). has been upgraded over the last month with live previews in the browser, number change widgets, and more. Phoenix also supports multiple live previews on different editor tabs and is no longer limited to a single live preview session.
The Editor experience has also been modernized with some long pending features like Ctrl/Cmd- Click to jump to definition on clicking HTML tags, IDs, CSS classes and hrefs/src attributes in HTML files. Ctrl-Click to Jump to Definition works in Javascript files as well. There are also numerous minor tweaks in editor behavior for a more intuitive UX (Eg. Clicking on color Quick Views will now open the color editor).

Other Major Feature upgrades in Phoenix Include- Beautify code, Improved Instant search, New Project Workflows, share project for preview, Markdown Preview, and several UX improvements.

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